Comparison Of Energy Sources?

Renewable Energy Sources – Technology Comparison:

Fossil Fuel Onshore Wind Offshore Wind Solar
Energy Density Very High Low Moderate Low
Predictability Dispatchable Low except in some sites Moderate Unpredictable except in some sites
Load Factor 50% – 90% 25% – 35% 25% – 35% 10% – 20%
Visual Impact Very High Moderate Low Unobtrusive
Potential Sites Extensive but permitting process can be lengthy Limited Limited in US, Moderate in Europe Limited for High Energy Density, Extensive for low to Moderate Density
Cost* Per Kilowatt Hour Remote Power N/A 9 – 10¢ 16¢ 25 – 50¢
Cost* Per Kilowatt Hour “ Utility Power 4 -5¢ 7 – 9¢ 10 – 25¢

* These costs assume high production volume.  Subsidies, credits, grants will further reduce costs.

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