IDM-Energiesysteme GmbH

IDM (Idea Development Matrei) in Matrei in East Tyrol was founded in 1977 as one of the first enterprises for solar plants and heat pumps in Austria. The first innovation in the late 70ies was image thumb25 IDM Energiesysteme GmbH the so-called “4-season-heating”, a system composed of an air source heat pump for spring and autumn, a solar plant for the summer and a wood stove for the cold winters. In 1987, IDM launched systems that not only used solar energy for hot water production, but also delivered solar energy into the heating circuit.
IDM systems take the energy from earth, air, water and sun. Heat pumps utilize this extracted energy for heating, cooling and for hot water production. IDM heat pumps especially profit from the HGL technology that allows hot water production on a very lower level of energy consumption. Together with the IDM Hygienik fresh water technology, hot water is produced just in time directly from the pipe.
1997 the company has been taken over by Manfred Pletzer. By the end of the year 2007, 80 employees achieved 17 million EUR revenues with an upstream tendency: In 2008, 100 employees will achieve 20 Million EUR revenues.


Seblas 16-18
9971 Matrei


+43 (0)4875 6172-0
+43 (0)4875 6172-85

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