• Power plants abroad contributed nearly 55% of the energy produced by the group
  • The company’s combined cycle gas plants provided 46.8% of the electricity produced by the group, while its renewable energies and hydroelectric plants contributed 15.1% and 8.4%, respectively
  • Installed capacity rose to over 43,600 MW in 2009, driven in particular by expansion abroad, notably in the US, where it now has 4,525 MW
  • Some 65.3% of IBERDROLA’s total electricity output was CO2-free in Spain, where its has reduced the grams of CO2 per kWh generated by 6%

The IBERDROLA group produced 142.78 billion kWh of electricity in 2009, according to provisional data, 1.1% more than in 2008.

This increase reflects the company’s international expansion and greater use of clean generation technologies, in line with its current strategy. Its power plants abroad provided more than 50% of total energy produced in the year.

The group produced 77.46 billion kWh abroad last year, accounting for 54.3% of total energy produced during the year: 38.16 billion in Latin America (+2.5%), 26.26 billion kWh in the UK (-1%), 11.24 billion in the US (+680.7%) and 1.79 billion kWh in the rest of the world (+35.3%).

Output in Spain came to 65.32 billion kWh (-3.4%), with a large contribution by renewable energies (+12.9% to 10.21 billion kWh) and hydro plants (+5.4% to 9.63 billion kWh). Renewable output surpassed hydro in the year. The group’s nuclear power plants produced 22.83 billion kWh and its combined-cycle gas plants 18.12 billion kWh, marking declines of 7.8% from 2008 in both cases.

IBERDROLA’s combined cycle plants worldwide produced 66.83 billion kWh, up 1.4% on the previous year, with their share of the group’s total output remaining unchanged at over 45%. The contribution of renewable energy rose 26.4% to 21.49 billion kWh and now accounts for more than 15% of the total.

Electricity produced by IBERDROLA’s nuclear power plants increased to 22.83 billion kWh (16% of total output), that of thermal power plants to 13.24 billion kWh (9.3%), that of hydro plants to 11.97 billion kWh (8.4%), and that of cogeneration plants to 6.39 billion kWh (4.5%). With 34 million kWh in 2009 -68.7%), fuel oil now accounts for a negligible percentage of the group’s total output. 

Atmospheric emissions in 2009 for the group fell 2.4% to 282g of CO2 per kWh and in Spain by 6%, from 170g to 160g of CO2 per kWh. In addition, nearly 40% of IBERDROLA’s total output was CO2-free, while in Spain the level was 65.3% in Spain, thanks to the company’s commitment to clean generation technologies.

IBERDROLA’s installed capacity surpasses 43,600 MW

IBERDROLA continued to diversify and build up its generation assets throughout the world in 2009, with installed capacity ending the year at 43,667 MW, up from 43,327 at the end of 2008. By technology, combined cycles represented 30.2% of total installed capacity, hydro 22.5%, renewable energy 24.6%, thermal power 10.7%; nuclear power 7.7%, fuel oil 1.6% and cogeneration 2.7%.

The company experienced significant growth in its installed capacity abroad, which comprised 6,818 MW in the UK, 4,525 MW in the US, 5,536 MW in Latin America and another 1,083 MW throughout the rest of the world. In Spain, IBERDROLA ended the year with 25,705 MW of installed capacity.

IBERDROLA is committed to growing in the core energy business through the use of environmentally-friendly power plants, a commitment that has positioned it as a key player in the fight against climate change. Its dedication to this fight will continue in the coming years as it brings on stream more renewable energy facilities and hydroelectric plants capable of meeting peak demands both in Spain and abroad.

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