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image thumb94 augusta solar GmbH The company augusta-solar GmbH was established in January 2001 in Augsburg. Since then the company specialized in the production of efficient, thermal highvacuum tube collectors. The modular construction is suitable for both, small private plants, and large industrial projects.
In order to guarantee a long lifetime, and also preserve natural resources, the collectors consist exclusively of high-quality components. Due to the high claims of quality and outstanding test results, augusta-solar succeeded in winning customers from all over the world.
There is no better protection than the high vacuum. This thermal insulation is subject to no aging process, eco-friendly and protects the absorber and its highly selective coating against cold outside air, corrosion and damage.
With this high-efficient technology even with covered sky, the gas/oil-consumption can be lowered by preheating water. This preserves the boiler, the purse and the environment.


Zirbelstraße 54
86154 Augsburg


+49 (0) 821 41902010
+49 (0) 821 41902020

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  1. Don Dydyk says:

    I am looking to purchase solar vacuum tubes. Augusta AS 100 HP. I have a 16 tube panel in which 2 tubes were broken and I wish to replace them. Where can I purchase these units in Ontario Canada?

    Thank you.

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