SIAC S.r.l.

Siac is part of Siel Group, a leading Italian manufacturer of emergency power supply systems both in private and public sectors.

Siac know-how is based upon a solid experience, built within Siel during the past 25 years, in handling energy in safety, through applications in important fields requiring total reliability such as finance, telecommunication, health and hospitals.

Siac started off as a company specialized in the production and sales of batteries and DC power systems.

Acquired by Siel in 1999, only a year after it entered the Telecommunication business with DC energy stations, and also the Photovoltaic field with high power three phase converters.

Siac’s engineering and manufacturing modern facility is located in Trezzano Rosa, near Milan. A 5000 m2 building on a 17.000 square meter area hosts a staff of about 100 people taking care of research & development, sales, production and after sales services. The facility is also equipped with a 20kw Photovoltaic plant.

Siac’s range of “Soleil” solar inverters for grid-connected standalone and hybrid applications are able to meet the most demanding requirements.

Success on the market is also due to an extended product support network and a set of services including a Teleglobal System, multi-year maintenance contracts, support of specialized personnel and extended warranty contracts.

SIAC is an ISO 9001-2000 certified company, setting quality as the target in all its activities from production to after sales services, from governance standards to social responsibilities.

Siac is a co-founder of Assosolare.


Via 1° Maggio, 25
20060 Trezzano Rosa / Milano


+39 02 909861
+39 02 9096890

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