Conergy Opens Largest Solar Park in northern Germany

6 MW solar park in Tarp near Flensburg is northern Germany’s new record-holder

  • Olaf Schulze: “Schleswig-Flensburg is northern Germany’s solar pioneer”
  • 5.5 million kilowatt hours of solar power supply around half of all Tarp residents
  • Conergy system technology convinces on both small and large scale

Together with representatives from politics and industry, Conergy inaugurated the 6 megawatt solar power plant in northern Germany in Tarp near Flensburg. Member of the state parliament and chairman of the SPD energy committee Olaf Schulze, local investors and Conergy Germany boss Norbert Apfel officially launched operation of the solar park with the symbolic pressing of the red button. With this, Tarp supersedes the plant in Hörup, which previously held the record for the largest continuous solar park in northern Germany. Conergy had already worked together successfully with the same local investors.

On a site four times the size of the entire Hamburg football stadium, the park generates 5.5 million kilowatt hours of solar power each year, thus supplying around half of all Tarp residents. What’s more, the solar power plant avoids the emissions of 4,000 tons of the greenhouse gas CO2 each year. Member of the state parliament Olaf Schulze stated in his inaugural speech: “With the two largest solar parks in northern Germany, Schleswig-Flensburg is a real solar pioneer and with it one of the greenest districts in the state. This is primarily also thanks to far-sighted investors who made green energy from the region for the region possible.”

The investor include the Abild family, Sven Haupthoff and the Johannsen family. Conergy has already enjoyed a success story dating back many years with the latter investor – both in free-field installations as well as on rooftops. In addition to the two parks, the Johannsens have installed seven power plants on roofs with Conergy, generating a total output of 1.5 MW. Stephan Johannsen said: “We have fully counted on Conergy for years now. Following the first solar plant on our stable, we realized with the Hamburg-based company Hörup, which was previously northern Germany’s largest solar park. We wanted to continue this success.”

In Tarp, the Johannsen family relied on the proven Conergy system technology even more than in Hörup. “A perfectly set-up system has been achieved through the well-matched interaction of our in-house components,” explains Conergy Germany boss Norbert Apfel. “Whether in major projects like here in Tarp, or in small to medium-sized rooftop installations – everyone benefits from Conergy’s system technology: the investors through enhanced profits, the residents as consumers receiving more clean solar power, and, of course, the environment.”

Interest in clean solar energy has also spread to Johannsen’s partner investors. Farmer and landowner Carsten Abild as well as his son Andreas were impressed by the huge success of the previous record-breaking park in the neighbouring town of Hörup. “With Conergy, we knew we had a partner at our side who delivers the best ‛Made in Germany’ quality reliably and from one single source. Justifiably, we are all extremely proud of the excellent results,” said Carsten Abild. A fitting celebration rewarded all those who had achieved such a great success: the farmer provided a suckling pig for the inauguration party from his own stock – naturally 100% ‛Made in Germany’.

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