Sharp and Enel Green Power Complete Construction of Power Generation Plant in Southern Italy

Sharp Corporation and Enel Green Power have announced that their joint venture company Enel Green Power & Sharp Solar Energy S.r.l. which the two companies established in July 2010 for IPP business, has completed the construction of its first solar power generation plant, located in Serragiumenta, Altomonte, Regione Calabria, Southern Italy.

The power generation capacity of the solar power generation plant is 5MW, using Sharp’s single crystalline solar cell modules. The annual power generation is estimated to be 7.5 million kWh, equivalent to the annual power consumption of approximately 2,800 average Italian households. This will amount to a reduction of 5,800 tons of annual carbon dioxide emissions, and approximately 630 tons of fossil fuel.

ESSE plans to construct multiple power generation plants of over 500MW in total by the end of 2016. Meanwhile, Sharp, EGP, and STMicroelectronics*3 plan to start operation of a thin-film solar cell plant from late 2011. ESSE will establish power generation plants in Europe, especially in the Mediterranean region, the Middle East, and Africa using the thin-film solar cells produced mainly in the plant.

Overview of the Solar Power Generation Plant

Enel Green Power & Sharp Solar Energy S.r.l.

Serragiumenta, Altomonte, Regione Calabria, Republic of Italy



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