Arkema to host Kaplan Energy, an energy storage start-up, at its Rhône-Alpes Research Center

Already deeply committed to innovation and the economic vitality of the Lyon region, in particular via the Axelera Competitiveness Cluster, the recently launched Institute of Excellence INDEED, and many local partnerships, Arkema is showing its support for the industrial fabric of the “Chemical Valley” by hosting the start-up company Kaplan Energy SAS on its Pierre-Bénite site. This fledgling company specializes in the development and marketing of thermal energy storage solutions in Phase Change Materials (PCM).

The management of energy and the development of renewable energies represent one of the key challenges of sustainable development. Arkema’s chemicals bring concrete solutions to the energies of the future thanks to heat transfer fluids for heat pumps, a wide range of materials for photovoltaics and wind power, and its expertise in energy-efficient processes.

Hence Arkema has decided to host Kaplan Energy, which specializes in the storage of thermal energy, within its Rhône Alpes Research Center in Pierre-Bénite. This collaboration between Arkema and Kaplan is a unique example of synergies between a chemicals manufacturer « supplier of solutions » and a systems designer, capable of enhancing the value of these solutions in growth market segments.

Kaplan Energy already works with a network of laboratories, and boasts recognized wide-ranging know-how in the field of thermal energy storage and in particular the encapsulation of PCMs in polyolefin copolymers. The company has gained expertise in energy storage and thermal system performance enhancement. For Arkema, the management and valorization of thermal energy produced by industrial processes is a major technological issue of sustainable development.

With this innovative partnership, Arkema reaffirms its key positioning in thermal management and its contribution to the development of the industrial fabric in France, in particular in the Chemical Valley south of Lyon. The arrival of Kaplan Energy bears testimony to the entrepreneurial and economic appeal represented by Arkema in the region.

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