Selected Headlines 23.11.2011

Polysilicon Solar Cheapest Over Next 2 Years Say Analysts

The global supply of polysilicon is hurtling towards 500,000 tons by 2014, almost doubling today’s supply within 2 years, from 266,000 tons this year, analysts at Macquarie Group Ltd have told Bloomberg News.

China Could Create 9.5 Million Green Jobs with Clean Energy Push, Influential Report Finds

A report released last week found that China could net 9.5 million jobs over the coming 5 years if it gave dirty energy the shaft and replaced it with clean, renewable energy and other “green businesses” instead.

Google Ends A Renewable Research Project

Google is renowned (and sometimes ridiculed) for its willingness to allow a vast herd of esoteric projects to roam its offices, but inevitably there is a culling.

Wind, Biofuels Lead U.S. Renewables Growth

Wind and biofuels continued to make big gains as sources of U.S. energy in 2010, but with overall consumption bouncing back from 2009’s 12-year low, fossil fuel use also rose.

Google Abandons Renewable Energy Initiative

Despite gaining much recognition lately for its support for renewable energy, Google has done an about-face with its latest "spring-cleaning" installment

EPA Announces Green Power Award Winners

What do the Empire State Building and Google have in common?

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