Extreme Biodiesel to Produce Biodiesel from Algae Feedstock

BookMerge Technology, Inc (OTCBB: BRKM), through its wholly owned subsidiary, Extreme Biodiesel, has been named the major Biodiesel Manufacturer to produce Algae feedstock Biodiesel (A100) for SunEco systems By CEO Dan Gautschi. SunEco is currently finalizing the “million mile test”with J.B. Hunt Trucking with fuel produced by Extreme Biodiesel that was initially announced by JB Hunt CEO in 2010.

“Extreme Biodiesel has had a strong relationship with SunEco for over three years and we are extremely pleased that the testing has exceeded everyone’s expectations. The companies are already making plans for the next step to bring JB Hunt a consistent flow of Algae Biodiesel to fuel its trucking company. We expect to be the first companies to have mass quantities of A10a available to trucking companies and the general public,” says Richard Carter, CEO.

The original “Million Mile Test”may be found at:



About BookMerge Technology, Inc.

BookMerge Technology is an alternative fuel and recycling company. The company’s mission is to provide a cost effective, high quality alternative diesel fuel, create Green Jobs, reduce the environmental impact of fossil fuels and diminish U.S. reliance on foreign oil. BookMerge Technology acquired Extreme Green Technologies, dba Extreme Biodiesel to fulfill that mission. Extreme biodiesel is a fully licensed and permitted Biodiesel producer operating in Corona, Ca. Our facility has been operating since Jan 2008, producing biodiesel fuel, manufacturing personal biodiesel processors and the recently added restaurant brown grease recycling service.

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