Conergy Supplies PV Modules for The Largest Rooftop Solar Power Plant in the Basque Country


Conergy PowerPlus modules could supply entire fleet of electric cars with clean power

After connection of the 5.3 megawatt solar plant in Murcia to the grid and the sale of the 2.3 megawatt park in Andalucía, the Hamburg-based system supplier Conergy is able to announce its third Spanish success within a month. The long-term Conergy partner Ennera is relying on premium quality from Conergy for the largest solar plant in the Basque Country. This solar power plant with a total capacity of 1 megawatt is located in Beasain in the province of Guipúzcoa, some 40 kilometres from San Sebastian. The experts installed the system on the 7,500 square metre roof surface of the industrial buildings of Ennera’s parent company CAF, a manufacturer of railway and transportation systems.

Over 4,500 Conergy PowerPlus modules will be generating around 1 gigawatt hour of clean solar power per year – sufficient to supply the five electric vehicles of the “car sharing” fleet of the corporation in the neighbouring Ataún, enabling them to cover over 145,000 kilometres without creating any emissions. The company will thereby avoid CO2 emissions in two ways: The plant itself will prevent some 300 tons of greenhouse gases being emitted per year and the electric cars a further 30 tons.

Conergy MD Jiménez: “To be continued – another joint project in the second quarter”

“We are very pleased to be involved in this prestigious project in the region,” said Luis Jiménez Gutierrez, Managing Director of Conergy Spain and France. “We have had a long and highly successful partnership with Ennera, which we will continue in the future with further interesting joint projects. We are already working on a concrete, even considerably larger project for the second quarter.”

With the plant on the roof of the parent company’s headquarters, Ennera is not only continuing on its sustainability course, but also keeping its bid for quality. “We went to visit the Conergy module factory in Frankfurt (Oder) and were very impressed – especially with the continual quality checks during the individual manufacturing steps,” said Iker Zubiaurre, Sales Manager at Ennera. “That exceeded all our expectations and was a more than convincing argument in favour of choosing Conergy PowerPlus modules – which offer not only high quality in terms of manufacture but also outstanding weak light behaviour. This is very important in the Basque Country in northern Spain in contrast to the south of the country.”

About Ennera

Ennera is an all-in-one renewable technology supplier. Focused on distributed energy and sustainable mobility, Ennera has a ground breaking 3.2 kW small wind turbine and an innovative electric car-sharing service available for individuals, companies and organizations.

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