Photovoltaic Cells Manufacturing Equipment to be Sold Off at Global Online Auction by Heritage Global Partners

The auction is on behalf of Australian manufacturer SilexSolar.

Heritage Global Partners has recently announced an online auction from June 5th -7th for PV manufacturing equipment. Centrotherm, OEM, NPC, Rofin, RENA and Komax are some of the companies whose equipment will be auctioned off. The sale is conducted on behalf of SilexSolar, an Australian PV panel manufacturer, who recently suspended production at its Sydney manufacture. The sale begins at 7:00am PST on the 5th and ends at 7:00pm PST on June 7th. A preview is held on June 4th from 9:00am to 4:00pm in Sydney.
“We expect to generate very strong demand from worldwide bidders for this wealth of high quality, state-of-the-industry solar cell manufacturing equipment,” Heritage Global Partners vice president David Weiss stated. “Heritage has built a global reputation as the ‘go-to’ auctioneer within the solar technology industry by successfully conducting recent auctions on behalf of several solar energy companies such as Solyndra, BP Solar and Maricopa Solar. We are very pleased that SilexSolar has also selected us to help maximize the value of their assets.”

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