AE Photonics GmbH

AE Photonics is a reliable supplier of photovoltaic components and complete systems for installers and project managers. At an international AE Logo 330px 12 AE Photonics GmbHlevel, AE Photonics also develops, plans and builds photovoltaic power plants with outputs of up to several megawatts.

The company offers extensive services in the following two business divisions:


•    Reliable delivery of high-quality modules, inverters and components

•    Delivery of customized complete systems direct to the building site

•    System design and planning to assist installers

•    Competent expert advice through the Technical Support service

•    Storage/Delivery by reputable partners specializing in logistics

Photovoltaic power plants

•    Construction of turnkey photovoltaic power plants

•    Competent advice for investors and assistance with financial issues

•    Project development and planning

•    Construction and site supervision

•    Maintenance and system monitoring

AE Photonics is also dedicated to meeting the special requirements of many different customers and markets:

In Morocco, the company provides solar pump systems to ensure ecological irrigations of agricultural land and off-grid systems for localized power supply.

For flat roofs, AE Photonics has developed its own aerodynamic FLUXsol® substructure system enabling efficient use of flat roofs without penetration through the roof.

AE Photonics was founded in Dresden in 2008, and is represented in Italy, Morocco, Greece, California and India through its subsidiaries. The AE Photonics Group employs more than 70 staff worldwide.


Loschwitzer Str. 37, 01309 Dresden, Deutschland

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