With subsidiaries in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Italy, ALPINE-ENERGIE has developed from its foundation in 1920 as a company for electrical 7d1c6dea81be1dcb4e6c3877d578c3e6 ALPINE ENERGIE Holding AGand industrial enterprises to a global player in the energy generation, transmission and application sectors.

A transnational network of business units in plant construction, overhead line construction, catenary construction, communication technology and engineering provide services ranging from advice and planning to the erection and maintenance of plants and their optimisation. With ALPINE-ENERGIE’s corporate vision of developing networks for tomorrow’s generation, we ensure failsafe operation of communication and traffic networks, sustainable energy generation and reliable energy transmission, even beyond our core markets.

An interdisciplinary mindset and activities, plus consistent further training of employees form the grassroots for innovative services in today’s high-tech working environment. In a long-standing, success-driven partnership with our customers, we optimally enhance their individual achievements. As a full-service provider, ALPINE-ENERGIE also assumes responsibility for economic solutions throughout the entire life cycle of network infrastructures and systems.


Winetzhammerstraße 6 4030 Linz, Austria

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