RidgeBlade Rooftop Wind Turbine – 2012 Update

According to some sources in 2012 the RidgeBlade wind turbine has passed through a major redesign. The turbine is now more efficient, lighter, has lower manufacturing costs. The Power Collective are also developing a version that does not need a pitched roof.

Now there are two versions of the RidgeBlade, with the main difference only being in size – the smaller version is designed for domestic houses, and the larger one for agricultural and industrial buildings. The new versions have been in test for over 6 months now, and so far they are performing exactly as expected, producing good power, silently and without vibration.

front%2Bside%2B1 RidgeBlade Rooftop Wind Turbine   2012 Update

How much power?

In an average UK location (average wind speed), the larger version may produce an annual output of over 3200kwh from a 10 module installation. At full speed, the RidgeBlade generates 66.1 Db which is inaudible over the sound of the wind.

Another change to the design is the aerodynamically controlled over-speed protection. Effectively it means that the rotors reach their maximum speed at 25mph wind speeds and above that wind speed, the rotor speed remains constant so that they do not spin out of control. This also means that the turbine does not need the electrically operated shutter mechanism seen on version 1, so the design is much lighter, simpler and cheaper. The unit had seen some pretty impressive storms over the winter, and measured wind speeds of nearly 70mph, and it worked perfectly.

There is still no information about the possible price. Until the units go into full production it is difficult to say what the final price will be, but  there is a good chance to be cheaper the PV panels.

The possible price is still under question. Until the turbine goes into mass production it is hard to determinate but it could go below the PV panels’ price level.

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