Deep Geothermal Energy Drawing More And More Interest

Several European countries where geothermal energy is not a traditional energy source are now looking seriously at heat from deep within the earth, notes the European Geothermal Energy Council (EGEC).

In the UK, a new all-party parliamentary group aims to give “deep geothermal” the kind of lobbying support among legislators that wind, solar and marine energy already enjoy. One of its founders is Sarah Newton, whose constituency in Cornwall overlies granite rock that is well suited to geothermal exploration. Iceland, which makes extensive use of geothermal energy, has agreed to share technical information

In October, energy minister Greg Barker backed UK geothermal development in a speech at the UK Deep Geothermal Symposium in London, which followed an EGEC workshop on geothermal district heating (GeoDH). According to the International Energy Agency, Barker said, geothermal energy could eventually provide more than 3 percent of both the world’s electricity and heat demand. The UK is helping to develop up to 15 GW of geothermal projects in east Africa, while the EU is working with similar aims alongside the African Union.

EGEC reports that the lle-de-France region of France, including Greater Paris, is looking to nearly double its use of geothermal energy as a part of a larger plan to get 50 percent of its heat from renewable sources. The results of the first nationwide study of geothermal energy in France will be presented at Les Journées de la Géothermie on 14 and 15 November.

In Hungary, PannErgy subsidiary Miskolci Geotermia has won the second part of a EUR 3.5 million government grant for a joint geothermal project at Kistokaj. And in Turkey, energy company Zorlu Enerji says it plans to build a 175 MW geothermal project in Osmaniye.


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