Incentives for Solar Thermal Systems in Brazil (2012)

This presentation below outlines the regulatory and financial incentives for solar thermal systems in Brazil. It identifies the huge potential for solar water heaters (SWH) to lower electricity demand from the 30 million installed electric showers in Brazil; which together consume 6% of total electricity produced in the country.

The national level incentives programme – Minha Casa Minha Vida 2 – is also detailed. This commits R$ 1 billion into the installation of SWH in 2 million homes, with subsidies targetted specifically at low-income families. Even more comprehensive incentives schemes exist at municipality level, with Sao Paolo and Rio de Janeiro both also updating their building codes in 2008 with clauses for mandatory installation of SWH systems in certain classes of new build houses.

In the future, the presentation suggests it will be important to transfer this municipality-level best practice into the national regulatory framework. This will be addressed as part of Brazil’s 2030 energy efficiency strategy, which should also address SWH incentives in a specific programme.


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