Geothermal Energy Market In Europe Grows Despite The Financial Crisis

This week high-level experts from industry, research and the public sector gathered in Budapest for the 4th annual GeoPower Europe conference to discuss key aspects of the geothermal market in Europe. Delegates noted the high number of projects which continue to be developed in spite of the financial crisis and troubling news regarding legal and financial frameworks in certain EU member states.

During GeoPower Europe the EGEC Geothermal Market Report 2012 was also launched. This second edition  includes an extensive overview of the geothermal energy markets (both electricity and heat), and a summary of the existing financial support schemes for Geothermal electricity in Europe.

Below you can find some facts about the latest trends in Geothermal energy:

  1. Total Installed Capacity in Europe: 1.7 GWe – Producing 11,38 TWh of Electric Power

  2. 48 geothermal power plants in EU Member States

  3. EU Installed Capacity of 0.935 GWe

  4. Geothermal energy sector has a great future: around 70 plants being developed and many project ideas (ca.100)

  5. Turkey and Iceland are the two hottest markets in Europe

  6. Geothermal development is also taking place in the Atlantic islands: Portugal, Spain and France

  7. An important new entrant to the market is Germany, with 16 plants under development

  8. Greece seems to be the future newcomer to watch (13 project ideas)

  9. EGS projects are being developed in Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, United Kingdom, Spain

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