13.4% Is The Renewable Energy Share For European Union In 2011

EurObserv’ER has calculated the share of renewable energy in gross final energy consumption for the 27 European Union Member States (EU-27). For the year 2011 this share has been estimated at 13.4%. This is more than in the year 2010, for which the share has been estimated at 12.5%.

All country-specific details can be read from the press release at http://www.eurobserv-er.org/pdf/press/year_2012/RES/English.pdf (PDF, 4 pages, 1.1 MB)
The increase of the renewable energy share in EU-27 can be explained by  the combination of a slightly higher gross consumption of final energy from renewable energy sources – 151.1 Million tonnes of oil equivalent (Mtoe) (against 148.6 Mtoe in 2010) – and of a significant decrease of
the total gross final energy consumption (1126.6 Mtoe in 2011 against 1184.6 Mtoe in 2010).
Gross final energy consumption from renewable energy sources increased by 1.7% (+2.5 Mtoe) whereas total gross final energy consumption decreased by -4.9% (-58.0 Mtoe). This important decrease is the consequence of an exceptionally mild winter in Europe, which has contained the need for heating, and of a slowdown in economic activity.

The relatively small increase of renewable energy consumption in EU-27 is due to a lower consumption of wood fuel and to a relatively small increase of biofuels consumption. It is not linked to the important decrease of the European hydroelectricity production in 2011, since the
calculations presented here are based on a normalised hydroelectricity production and not on effective production.

EurObserv’ER is the first organisation estimating the share of renewable
energy for the year 2011.

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