Industrial Perspectives in Solar (2012)

The presentation below was made by Sonnenkraft’s Christian Sadler and examines recent developments in the European solar thermal market, and looks forward to likely developments in the next years. It begins by highlighting that the heating sector accounted for 48% of the EU’s energy consumption in 2010, and yet remains underestimated by policy makers. It then confirms that solar thermal energy has firmly established itself as the superior solution for heat production when compared with PV.

The presentation also gives a detailed run down of struggling sales across the European solar market since 2008, with its country-by-country analysis explaining the decrease in bigger markets and  slow down in emerging markets.

The presentation closes by examining the potential for EU eco design and ecolabelling initiatives. It stresses that there is a difficulty in comparing the measurable efficiency of heat pumps with solar thermal systems, but does value that it enables installers and end consumers to see the solar input with an easy rating.

Sonnenkraft Presentation

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