Enel Green Power Focusing On Geothermal Power

With the world putting an increasing focus on geothermal power, Enel Green Power is leading the way in developing the energy source with a series of cutting-edge projects in Italy, North and South America

logo trans en GB Enel Green Power Focusing On Geothermal PowerA recent study conducted by American research and consultancy firm Pike Research has shown that over the last few years the number of countries that has started to look seriously at geothermal power as an energy source of power has more than doubled. Their report shows that, thanks to technological development, 64 countries in the world have began harnessing geothermal energy, and that there 454 projects are being carried out.

As well as Italy, the countries that are driving development in this field are the USA – specifically in California and Nevada – Chile, Indonesia and Kenya.

According to Pike Research, Italy is the ‘homeland of geothermal energy’, and it’s here that Enel Green Power has developed a sector that is internationally renowned: EGP manages 32 plants within 16 production groups which have a total installed capacity that exceeds 720 megawatts. For Tuscany geothermal is producing energy and bringing tourists, as can been seen in this report from state broadcaster RAI 3(Italian only).

Enel Green Power’s work in the field shows Enel’s commitment to contributing to a global trend of growth in geothermal power. At the Stillwater plant in the United States, EGP built the first plant in the world that combines the continuous generation of medium enthalpy binary cycle geothermal power with PV solar, while in Chile, after receiving environmental authorization, EGP will build the Cerro Pabellón plant in the Atacama desert, the first geothermal power plant in the whole of South America.

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