New 3MW Wind Turbines From Vestas

Vestas has released  three new product variants of the 3 MW wind turbine: the V112-3.3 MW, the V117-3.3 MW and the V126-3.3 MW.

Vestas upgrades the 3 MW platform

The new turbines are based on further optimization of the V112-3.0 MW nacelle in combination with a root extended 55 m blade for the V117-3.3 MW and a structural shell blade for the V126-3.3 MW. The drivetrain functionality of the 3 MW platform is built from the same technology as the V112-3.0 MW.

image thumb5 New 3MW Wind Turbines From Vestas

The first two prototypes of the V112-3.3 MW were installed in Denmark and have been operating successfully. The V117-3.3 MW and V126-3.3 MW prototypes will be installed in July and August 2013.

Vestas has already sold three projects in Scandinavia utilizing the new 3 MW variants totaling approximately 100 MW which were sold in the fourth quarter of 2012 and the first quarter of 2013. One of these projects is the Noerhede Hjortmose project which will be located in the western part of Denmark in the heartland of Vestas and, once completed, will be the largest onshore wind power plant in Denmark. The contract for the Noerhede Hjortmose project includes a twenty-year service contract which features Vestas’ production based availability guarantee, a Vestas AOM 5000 solution.

Source : Vestas

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