Amonix Converts More Than 36% Of Sunlight Into Electricity

Concentrated Photovoltaics (CPV) manufacturer Amonix have successfully converted a record 36% of sunlight into energy in a module trial at the US National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). A module showcasing Amonix’s latest-generation CPV technology has been in outdoor testing from late February to April of this year. The record was measured by NREL on the 14th of March at an ambient temperature of 16 degrees Celsius and beats the previous peak efficiency record of 34.2% set by Amonix last year.

image thumb9 Amonix Converts More Than 36% Of Sunlight Into Electricity

Amonix CPV Solar Power System (Photo: Business Wire)

This result continues Amonix’s long history of leading the world in solar module efficiency, having been the first to convert over 1/3rd of the sun’s energy in May 2012, and the first to break 30% module efficiency in 2011.

“Amonix’s proprietary technology platform allows us to continue driving rapid performance improvements in our CPV system,” said Vahan Garboushian, Amonix Founder and CTO. “The advances we have demonstrated over the last 2 years have all been with the same generation 40% cells, demonstrating an unprecedented cell to module conversion efficiency of greater than 90%. With improvements that are underway in cell efficiency and additional advances in our module technology, we will continue to drive efficiency higher over the coming years.”

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