Photovoltaic Market In Europe – Status 2012

After the big growth in 2011, the European Union’s photovoltaic market slowed right down in 2012. The newly-installed capacity in 2012 is 16.5 GWp compared to 22 GWp in 2011. This is a 25% slide. At global level the market generally held up, with just over 30 GWp installed, bolstered by the build-up of the America and Asian markets.

The slowdown can be linked to new taxes on renewable production or retroactive amendments to the support laws, such as those in the Czech Republic (retroactive tax on investments), Bulgaria (grid access tax), Greece (tax on already-installed and future systems), the Flanders region of Belgium (retroactive grid access tax) and Spain (tax on all electricity producers’ earnings).
At the end of 2012 the installed capacity to date in the European Union was 68,647 MWp, from 52 GW in 2011, which equates to 136.3 Wp of photovoltaic capacity per capita. Leading EU countries are Germany (399.5 Wp/inhab), Italy (269 Wp/inhab) and Belgium (240 kW/1000 inhab). Also Czech Republic, Greece and Bulgaria have a relatively high PV capacity per thousand inhabitants.

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