Largest Solar Plant In Turkey Equipped With Solar-Fabrik Modules

Solar-Fabrik AG has delivered modules and inverters for the largest solar plant to date in Turkey. The system, with a total output of 250 kW, was implemented in Torbali in the province of Izmir, on the building of the logistics company Reysas, and is said to be capable of generating 470 MWh of solar electricity annually.

The flat rooftop  photovoltaic installation became operational in March 2013 and consists of 1,044 solar modules factory type Premium L poly.

The 250 kWp solar plant is estimated to produce 470 MWh of clean electricity per year.

image thumb5 Largest Solar Plant In Turkey Equipped With Solar Fabrik Modules

Turkey counts as one of the countries with the highest solar irradiation worldwide: with around 2,640 hours of sunlight per year, or approx. 7.2 hours of sun daily. The average solar irradiation is around 1.311 kWh/m2 annually. With this comes an enormous potential for generating solar electricity. Plant operators in Turkey receive a fixed base rate of 13.3 US cents per kWh. Turkey is aiming to increase capacity by approx. 600 MWp in the field of photovoltaics by 2015.

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