Largest Roof-Mounted Photovoltaic System In Bucharest (Romania) Powered By SOLON

SOLON Energy GmbH (Berlin, Germany) will supply around 8,800 SOLON 220/16 solar PV modules for the construction of the largest roof-mounted system in Bucharest (Romania). The 2.2 MW PV plant is being installed atop a logistics center managed by the Romanian client, SC Atwar & TH Services SRL.

About 2.8 MWh of green power will be produced annually, of which up to 15 % is destined for being consumed by companies located at the logistics center, SOLON reports in a press release.

The rest of the electricity produced will be fed into the public grid and compensated using Green Certificates (GCs).

“As a PV market, Romania is both attractive and challenging,” says Yiorgos Eftychiou from international sales of SOLON Energy GmbH. “It makes us all the more pleased that we can serve such a large project with our very first supply contract.”

Installation of the roof-mounted system was begun in the second week of August 2013, and completion is slated for the end of September. Atwar specializes in the implementation of photovoltaic projects.

Last Updated On:5th September 2013

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