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Opportunities for Solar Thermal Desalination in Saudi Arabia (2012)

The below presentation outlines the potential economic benefits of solar thermal desalination in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is easily the world leader in water desalination, with 18-20% of overall global desalination capacity. This equated to overall water production of 1,014 million m3 in 2009. Saudi

USDA Announces Funding to Convert Biomass to Energy

North Carolina Hydro Project to Create Electricity Deputy Agriculture Undersecretary for Rural Development Doug O’Brien today announced that USDA is funding a series of projects to convert biomass to energy through USDA’s Rural Energy for America program. (REAP). The announcement was made during an event

Successful biomass Heating Projects in UK Hospital

HOSPITAL PIONEERS THE OUTSTANDING BENEFITS OF BIOMASS HEATING   United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust – Pilgrim Hospital, in Boston has delivered one of the largest and most successful biomass heating projects in the UK.  The 3MW Steam Binder Boiler is an ideal template for how

Algae Biofuels Economic Viability: A Project-Based Perspective

The commercial viability of algae-based biofuels production is ultimately going to depend on economics. Regardless of whatever advances might come in terms of technological and biological breakthroughs, the fact remains that the commercial marketplace will not have an appetite for funding capital intensive energy projects

Next Generation Biofuels Presented By PetroAlgae At World Biofuels Markets 09

PetroAlgae Takes Its Message of Commercialization of Next Generation Biofuels to World Biofuels Markets 09 At World Biofuels Markets (WBM) 09, the scene last year of mass protests against corn and soy based biofuels, PetroAlgae (OTC Bulletin Board: PALG) will this year help demonstrate the

Hydrogen Production Using Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting

Another promising option for the long term is photoelectrolysis. Here, light shining on a photoelectrochemical cell immersed in water produces bubbles of hydrogen and oxygen. In this process, hydrogen is produced from water using sunlight and specialized semiconductors called photoelectrochemical materials. In the photoelectrochemical (PEC)

Hydrogen Technologies– All You Need To Know

Hydrogen Production Hydrogen can be produced using diverse, domestic resources including fossil fuels, such as natural gas and coal (with carbon sequestration); nuclear; and biomass and other renewable energy technologies, such as wind, solar, geothermal, and hydro-electric power. The overall challenge to hydrogen production is