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UK’s Biggest Bioethanol Plant Using Praj Technology

Vivergo Fuels Ltd officially opens the UK’s largest bioethanol plant based on Praj technology and design.  Praj is a global process engineering and solutions provider for bioethanol, alcohol & brewery, water & wastewater and process equipment. This greenfield biorefinery operating on UK feed wheat is

Algae To Fuel (Video)

Energy 101 | Algae-to-Fuels As America wants to improve the energy supply security, home-grown fuel sources are more important that ever. One of the fuel sources of the future is algae, small aquatic organisms that convert sunlight into energy and store it in the form

Biofuels In Europe: Technology Initiative for the Sustainable Production of Biofuels

The European Commission and EU industry have kick-started a major energy technology initiative for the sustainable production of biofuels. Industry will develop new ways to convert biomass residues into ethanol and other valuable products using advanced and innovative technologies. Six large demonstration projects will address

MHI to Start Operation of Demonstration Plant For Cellulosic Bioethanol Production

– Efficient Biofuel Production from Cellulosic Resources Realized – Tokyo, November 30, 2009 – A cellulosic bioethanol demonstration plant constructed by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI), Hakutsuru Sake Brewing Co., Ltd. and Kansai Chemical Engineering Co., Ltd. is about to launch continuous operation. The new

European Advanced Biofuels Flightpath

The use of biofuels in the aviation industry was one of the hot topics during Sustainable Energy Week in June this year, topping the bill of high-level workshops in Milan and Brussels.   These meetings were the latest in a series organised as part of

OriginOil Receives Firm Order For Its Algae Appliance in Urban Test Program At Paris La Défense Complex

  Algae’s role in helping large buildings achieve eco-sustainability will be evaluated with regional government support OriginOil, Inc. (OTC/BB: OOIL), developer of a breakthrough technology to convert algae into renewable crude oil, today received a firm order from its French joint venture partner Ennesys to

verbiogas Biofuel Wins ‘Innovation of Reason 2012’ by Popular German Magazines

Innovation of Reason 2012 VERBIO’s biogas made from waste has garnered the ‘Innovation of Reason 2012’ award from the German consumer magazine Guter Rat and the weekly SUPERillu. The special ‘Innovation of Reason’ prize for pioneering concepts and products in the transport sector has been