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Airscan-europe Solarquelle GmbH – Photovoltaic Thermography Services

Company Profile We provide inspection flights realized by means of images, videos and thermography recorded with octocopters of the trade mark EagleLive, which are specially optimized for being used with various camera systems and measuring systems. We provide outstanding service based on our long-term experience

Aimetis GmbH

Company Profile Aimetis Corp. is a software company offering integrated intelligent video management solutions for security surveillance and business intelligence applications. The company is a global leader in intelligent video technology and is propelling the adoption of video analytics as an integral component of video

acp-IT – advanced clean production Information Technology AG

Company Profile acp-IT is a leading highly specialized software company that offers professional IT solutions for planning and operation of advanced production lines. These solutions make a substantial contribution to the optimization of our clients’ production processes, help to increase quality and reduce cost significantly.

4-noks srl

Company Profile 4-noks designs, develops and produces systems based on ZigBee technology for monitoring and controlling environments to save energy. Its mission is to provide innovative environmentally-friendly solutions that enable dramatic energy efficiency improvements for commercial, residential and industrial applications. 4-noks is a specialist in

Seitron Srl

Company Profile SEITRON srl is an Italian company, established in 1981, ISO 9001, active in developing, manufacturing and selling worldwide electronic products in several  different sectors: HVAC temperature controls, both wired and wireless, solar heating controls, gas leakage detection, both residential and industrial, portable combustion

PV Solar Inspect Co., Limited

Mechanical and electrical control A mechanical control consists in the inspection of raw materials, sizes, weight, and the general quality of the product.due to our exclusive experience in the photovoltaic field, our inspectors are in charge of your production’s inspection directly in the factories, and


Company Profile Prediktor helps the PV industry to optimize manufacturing processes and reduce cost of solar power. Prediktor’s Solar Manufacturing Execution System helps you realize the full potential of your plants and maximize the return on your PV investments. Prediktor has a proven track-record and