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APtronic AG

APtronic is known for high-quality solutions of power electronics and services at attractive prices. Driven by technological progress and the trend toward renewable energies. APtronic develops, manufactures and distributes high-performance and customer-oriented micro-inverter, along with compatible communication solutions. The micro-inverter is individually connected to a

SIAC S.r.l.

Siac is part of Siel Group, a leading Italian manufacturer of emergency power supply systems both in private and public sectors. Siac know-how is based upon a solid experience, built within Siel during the past 25 years, in handling energy in safety, through applications in

pro solar Solarstrom GmbH

Quality in detail. Complete solar systems by pro solar Solarstrom As a solar pioneer with more then 20 years of experience we stand for professional technical and economical consulting and the planning of ideal complete solar systems by our technicians and engineers.   Address Schubertstraße

Nedap NV the PowerRouter Energy Systems

  Company Profile Nedap NV develops and produces PowerRouters: All-in-one hybrid solutions for feed-in and island installations. Applicable for medium sized residential and industrial installations; Inverter and web monitoring integrated – optimize (own) use and efficiency! However, we go beyond and give you back control

Power-One Italy S.p.a.

A Leader in High-Efficiency “Green” Power Solutions, Including Renewable Energy As one of the world’s ten largest providers of power conversion and power management solutions, Power-One is one of only a few companies with the product breadth to support every step in the refinement of

PAIRAN Elektronik GmbH

The name PAIRAN stands for an international successful company specializing in photovoltaic engineering for projects in Spain, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Czech Republic, Hungary and Germany. The company started as a crafts enterprise for Radio- and TV-technic in 1983. After the spin-off as GmbH in 1992


Renewable energy sources represent the future of power generation – a future with vast amounts of still unused potential. The PADCON GmbH was founded for further development of the efficient and ecological use of regenerative energy sources. We develope, produce and sell inverters, energy distribution