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Saint Gobain Solar

Company Profile Part of SAINT-GOBAIN SOLAR organization, SAINT-GOBAIN SOLAR GLASS (SGSG)is a business unit dedicated to the industrial production of front glasses for Photovoltaic and Solar Thermal applications. The Business Unit includes the sites in Mannheim and Wilsdruff, each specialised on a certain field of

PhotoSolar A/S

Company Profile PhotoSolar A/S specializes in advanced transparent solar shading and photovoltaic solutions under the brand name of MicroShade™. PhotoSolar shading and transparent photovoltaic modules convert solar overheating in non-residential buildings into solar power and a better working environment. The PhotoSolar concept is to integrate

Mithras GmbH & Co. KG

Mithras concentrates on the development, the production and the marketing of high efficient parabolic mirrors, as well as solar thermal power plants with modular based parabolic through technology. The economic activity of Mithras is divided into two business divisions. The business division “Mithras Parabolic Through”

Microsharp Corporation Ltd.

Microsharp thin film Fresnsel lenses Microsharp microstructured thin film Fresnel lenses are an attractive alternative to existing solar lens technologies Our proprietary conical and curved lenses include a number of elegant design innovations which deliver outstanding performance. Benefits include… High optical efficiency – typically >85%.

Hecker Glastechnik GmbH & Co. KG

Hecker Glastechnik enjoys an excellent reputation as a supplier for technical glasses. Our solar glass is a low iron oxide glass that is produced according to the latest information in glass production. Produced in pattern and float glass process it features a magnificent surface quality

AGC Solar

Company Profile AGC Solar is a worldwide leading glass manufacturer supplying front glass for solar applications. AGC is dedicated to serve the growth of the solar industry through continuous innovation, highest production standards and prime customer service. AGC provides a full range of glasses for