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PA-ID PROCESS GmbH is a machine manufacturer who develops and produces systems for the solar-industry. Furthermore PA-ID works on improvements of solar panels. The result is the 2Power-module which generates electrical and thermal power. 2 Power Module Concept Photovoltaic cells use sunlight to produce valuable power. 2Power-technology also delivers warm water.Photovoltaic modules reach temperatures of […]

Absolicon Solar Concentrator AB

Absolicon is initiating a new era in solar energy with two revolutionizing products. The Absolicon X10 PVT, that produces both electricity and heat, and the Absolicon T10 which produces process heat up to 200 °C. The Absolicon X10 PVT produces electricity that can be used within a building or can be fed into the grid. […]


SAMMLER has been active in the Solar Energy market since 1975. Responding to the energy crisis of the time, Mr. V. Michalopoulos opened a manufacturing facility to meet the increasing demand for alternative energy solutions which are reliable, low-cost and environmentally friendly. Today, as we walk the third millennium, conversion to such energy sources has […]

S.S.T. Solar System Technik GmbH

The company S.S.T. Solar System Technik GmbH produces solar collectors in different sizes and shapes for hot water production, heating support and electricity generation. A special characteristic of these collectors is that they have been developed to be integrated into roofs, to be mounted on flat roofs and on the ground as well as to […]

Ritter Energie- und Umwelttechnik GmbH & Co. KG

The Ritter Gruppe is a group of companies lead by the company Ritter Energie – und Umwelttechnik GmbH & Co. KG, that develops, produces and distributes ecological energy systems. The overall goal of the Ritter Gruppe is to engage for more energy efficiency and for a sustainable climate protection by the use of renewable energy […]

Mirroxx GmbH

Mirroxx Fresnel Collectors The New Generation of Solar Process Heat Welcome to Mirroxx GmbH, the world leader in solar Fresnel collector systems technology for process heat, a Spin-Off of PSE AG. At Mirroxx, we focus on the enormous potential for solar thermally produced process heat.  Process heat accounts for approximately two-thirds of the energy used […]

Fenis Technical Inc.

Established under the Fenis Holding organization in 1987, Feniş Teknik took its place in the market with its products which improve the quality of life. It became the pioneer of innovations in heating technology with its aluminium based technological products which cannot be imitated. By combining the design integrity with the quality and reliability principles, […]