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Wilh. LAMBRECHT GmbH – Meteorological Instruments

THE COMPANY developed, produces and sells meteorological measuring instruments since 1859 in Goettingen. Wilh. Lambrecht GmbH has a fine tradition and is the world-wide most experienced manufacturer of meteorological precision instruments. Innovation, functionality, quality and longevity are the success factors of the high profile. Lambrecht

Leosphere – Lidar Specialists

Leosphere is specialized in LIDAR (Laser – Radar) atmospheric observations. The company offers turnkey and user friendly remote sensing instruments (0 to 15 km) allowing a real-time tracking of particles, clouds height and atmospheric structure, wind speed and direction. Wind Doppler Lidars are used to

DWC International Sales ApS

DWC Wind sensors are made of brass, cups/vane in electro polished acid-free steel (ASIS 316) and is therefore very impervious to weather. Cups / vane can also be ordered coated with TEFLON, high quality bearings made of stainless steel which ensure reliable measurements and long

Catch the Wind, Inc

Catch the Wind, Inc. is a high technology company that develops and commercializes forward looking laser wind sensors and control systems primarily for the wind energy industry. The Company offers retrofit products for existing wind farms, turbine manufacturers’ development and integration programs, and applications for

Ammonit Measurement GmbH

Ammonit offers high quality measurement equipment for wind site assessment, wind park monitoring and climate research. As a wind energy pioneer, Ammonit has been playing a leading role in the global wind measurement sector since 1989. Our user-friendly, reliable data loggers, first class sensors and