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Implementing Nearly Zero-Energy Buildings in Bulgaria

The Building Performance Institute Europe (BPIE) has researched and developed an ambitious roadmap for Bulgaria which will help the country progress towards the implementation of nearly Zero-Energy Buildings and dramatically reduce the national level of energy consumption and related carbon emissions. BPIE research recommends a

Solar Thermal Technology Benefits

Below you can find a list solar thermal energy: improving the diversity of energy supply reducing the dependency on imported fuels saving natural resources saving CO2 emissions at very low costs curbing urban air pollution creating local jobs and stimulating the local economy solar thermal

Advantages Of Solar Thermal Water Heating System For Home

The energy of the sun is limitless, sufficient and free of charge. Using solar water heating technology makes you independent of the rapidly increasing fossil fuel prices. It saves customers energy, money, is clean and safe and it is a long-living technology with life cycles

Optimizing The Personal Use Of Solar Energy

Researchers from Oldenburg in Germany are currently designing and evaluating models home energy management system that utilizes the sun as single power supplier. This makes it more economically interesting for homeowners to use their own solar power. The new system is designed to store the

How to Reduce Costs and Carbon Emissions from Business Related Transport in UK

  The mobility of people and goods is a key element of successful business, but transport can also offer opportunities for reducing carbon emissions and costs. The Department for Transport (DfT) funds a number of free programmes and services to help organisations identify where costs

A Practical Guide to Green Products and Services Report By JRC

A new JRC report provides key information for policy makers and business managers on how to assess the environmental impacts of products and services through more consistent and better quality life cycle assessments. Life Cycle Thinking aims at improving the environmental performance of goods and

Surprising Facts About People Who Go Solar (Infographic)

There really are some surprising things in this Infographic created by One Block Off the Grid (1BOG). Below is the infographic (larger version can be seen on 1BOG or by clicking on the image). They are not doing it for the environment. They are not