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Photovoltaic Projects In Bulgaria (Brezovo city, District Plovdiv) For Sale

PV PROJECT “BREZOVO 1” – 3MW Location:  Brezovo city, District Plovdiv Area: 82 800 m^2 Exposure: slight inclination southern oriented Relief: flat field (220 m a.s.l) Solar irradiation in the region: 1550 kWh/ m^2 per year (33° inl.) Expected yearly yield: 1300 kWh/kWp per year

3,5 MW and 5 MW Projects in Czech Republic Looking for Investor

2 photovoltaic projects available in Czech republic, located in southern Moravia. Capacity of 3,5 MW and 5 MW, in operating and connected since 2010. Bankable panels and inverters, financing in the place, projects with a very good IRR. As of June 2011 available also a

3MW Photovoltaic Project for Sale in Czech Republic

We are the owners of a brown field area in the North of Czech republic close to the border to Germany, where we developed a project for the installation of  Photovoltaic plant on a plot of 3,66ha (393 959 sq.ft.) of paved area. The plot

5 MW Photovoltaic Project in Southern Bulgaria for Sale

I have recently received an email from a friend of mine to publish this offer which includes 3 possibilities for investment in Bulgarian Solar Energy Sector About the seller: Our main activity is connected with the operation of advisory and mediation services in the area

Bulgarian Investor is Looking for a Partner in Building 4.25 MW Wind Park near Kavarna(Bulgaria)

Bulgarian investor is looking for a partner in the Renewable Energy Sector. The company has developed a project for building 5 wind generators with capacity 850 kW each. At present time the project has the following status – construction permit and signed final contract with

Hydrogen Power Generators Production Project Seeking Financing

Recently I have been contacted from one of our website visitors with the following letter: Our Bulgarian company, working in the alternative and renewable clean energy field, located in Sofia, is searching for a partner/investor for developing a Project for hydrogen power generators production. This