Category: Selected PV Modules

Kyocera Solar KD230GX LBD vs. JA Solar JAP6-60-230 PV Modules

Comparison of Kyocera Solar KD230GX LBD vs. JA Solar JAP6-60-230 PV Modules KD230GX LBD JAP6-60-230 1. STC Power 230 W 230 W Standard test conditions 2. Power Tolerance 0%/+5% (230-241.5 W) +/-3% (223.1 – 236.9 W) Actual power output, it is more accurate to be given on the base of PTC Power) 3. Efficiency 14.34% […]

Sanyo HIP 215 – HIT Power 215N PV Module

Module Efficiency: 17.1% Cell Efficiency: 19.3% Power Output – 215 Watts High Efficiency Power (HIP) solar panels are leaders in sunlight conversion efficiency. Obtain maximum power within a fixed amount of space. Save money using fewer system attachments and racking materials, and reduce costs by spending less time installing per watt. HIT Power models are […]

SunPower® Rooftop Solar Solutions

  SunPower can turn an ordinary rooftop into a solar power plant. With SunPower high-efficiency, integrated PV roof tiles, distributed generation can be quickly deployed by utilities to produce more energy for lower costs. Understanding the Market Opportunity for Solar Rooftop Power Generation Wholesale distributed PV power generation allows utilities to: Own and operate solar […]

Solyndra 200 Series Rooftop Solar System

  200 Series Solar Panel Mounts Require No Tools Light weight and simple installation means fast projects and low cost. The 200 Series requires no tools for installation. The light weight panels install without penetrations or array grounding, making this the easiest and fastest-to-install rooftop solar system yet. Ideal for older or “value engineered” buildings, […]

GE Thin Film Solar Panel 78 W, 80 W, 83 W

GE’s CdTe thin film solar module combines industry leading solar technology with GE’s continued commitment to quality and customer value. The CdTe thin film module is a cost-competitive solar solution that requires less material than alternative technologies to achieve high levels of performance. Designed with the expertise developed over a combined 100+ years of thin-film […]

Nesl Poly Crystalline 260-280W

Polycrystalline Photovoltaic Module Features ◆High cell efficiency with quality silicon material for long term output, stability and reliability ◆Rigorous quality control to meet highest international standards ◆High transmittance, low iron tempered glass with enhanced stiffness and impact resistance ◆Unique frame design with high mechanical strength for easy installation ◆Advanced encapsulation material with multiplayer sheet lamination […]

Sharp 175W PV Module NU-175(R1H)

High-performance photovoltaic module made of monocrystalline (156.5 mm)² silicon solar cells with module efficiencies of 13.4%. Production controlled positive power tolerance from 0 to +5 %. Only modules will be delivered that have the specified power or more for high energy yield. Delivery of modules in 5-watt intervals. Improved temperature coefficient to reduce power losses […]