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Nordex N117/2400 Wind Turbine With Excellent Results In The First Year Of Operation

One year after the installation and start-up of the first N117/2400 with a hub height of 91 metres at the Stadum-Sprakebüll citizens’ wind farm in the German state of Schleswig-Holstein, Nordex SE is able to report favorable figures. The turbine has achieved an annual yield

Siemens 6 MW Offshore Wind Turbine – Overview And Technical Specifications

Based on Siemens Direct Drive technology, the 6.0 MW turbine has 50% fewer moving parts than comparable geared machines and a towerhead mass of less than 350 tons. This unique combination of robustness and low weight significantly reduces infrastructure, installation and servicing costs, and boosts

LIGHTWIND LTW101 And LTW104 Wind Turbines

LEITWIND has enlarged its product portfolio by a new generation of wind turbines, the LTW101 and LTW104 which assures higher energy yields and improved availability. Multi Megawatt turbines are in demand and LEITWIND offers the right product for it. In response to market needs in

GE 1.6 – 100 – 1.6 MW Wind turbine

GE continues to advance its 1.5 MW wind turbine series product line with the introduction of GE’s 1.6-100 meter wind turbine. This latest development in turbine technology increases the rotor diameter on the 1.6 from 82.5 meters to 100 meters, increasing the capacity factor.Focusing on

Haliade 150 – 6 MW Wind Turbine By Alstom

6 MW Haliade 150 Wind Turbine By Alstom Suitable for all offshore conditions, Alstom’s offshore 6 MW direct drive wind turbine combines proven technology and innovation. Building on the unique ALSTOM PURE TORQUE™ technology, it provides the high yield and uncompromising reliability that will lower

REpower 6M Offshore Wind Turbine

  Is it possible to increase the yields of an offshore wind power plant by 15 percent without having to change its dimensions? It is. The solution to this challenge is to constantly refine the plants existent technology for maximum optimization. Following this principle, REpower

Clipper Wind Liberty® 2.5 MW Wind Turbine Series

  Technical Specs: Liberty® 2.5 MW Series Model C89 C93 C96 C99 Wind Class Ia* IIa IIb s Rotor Diameter 89m 93m 96m 99m Swept Area 6221m2 6793m2 7238m2 7697.7m2 Blades 43.2m 45.2m 46.7m 48.2m *Class Ia – All parameters same as IEC Class Ia