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Tidal Energy In Europe – Position Of The EC

European Commission has conducted a Research and consultation work on tidal energy. The conclusions are that additional support for this emerging sector could enable the EU to reap significant economic and environmental benefits. The impact assessment particularly highlights the following issues: The ocean energy resource

Open-Center Tidal Energy Turbines – Invisibly Harnessing The Power Of The Oceans

Irish company OpenHydro is a technology business that designs and manufactures marine turbines that generate renewable energy from tidal streams. The company has achieved a number of industry firsts including being the first to deploy a tidal turbine at the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC),

Marine Hydrokinetic Technology (MHK) On Focus In The US

DOE Investment in MHK Technology Poised to Grow The Department of Energy made major announcements last week and stated the will to significantly advance marine hydrokinetic technology (MHK) and the role of the tidal energy in the US power generation sector. In the first announcement,

U.S. First Commercial, Grid-Connected Tidal Energy Project Deployed In Maine

On July 24, 2012, Energy Secretary Steven Chu recognized the nation’s first commercial, grid-connected tidal energy project off the coast of Eastport, Maine. Leveraging a $10 million investment from the Energy Department, Ocean Renewable Power Company (ORPC) will deploy its first commercial tidal energy device

Wave and Tidal Ocean Power In The US – 15% Water Power by 2030

In the most rigorous analyses undertaken to date, two recently released resource assessments show that waves and tidal currents off the nation’s coasts contain enough energy to provide a significant portion our nation’s total annual electricity usage. The United States uses about 4,000 terawatt hours

4th International Conference on Ocean Energy 2012 In Ireland

The International Conference on Ocean Energy is the global marine energy event focused on the industrial development of renewable marine energy. Held every two years, the goal of the conference and exhibition is to share recent experiences from research and demonstration efforts. It aims to

Tidal Energy Converter With New Algorithm For Predicting The Wave Information

Since marine energy collection is five times more expensive than the market price itself the researchers try to find a way to make this process more price effective and competitive because the ocean hides a lot of unrevealed power. In this connection prof. George Weiss