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First Offshore Wind Turbine In Spain

Gamesa’s G128-5.0 MW offshore wind turbine prototype, installed in Arinaga (Canary Islands), will generate enough energy to power 7,500 households every year. The first offshore wind turbine installed in Spain has been recently commissioned.. It is also Gamesa’s first offshore prototype, with 5 MW of

RuSTEC – The DESERTEC Of The North – To Help EU In Achieving 2020 Renewable Energy Targets

With many green energy projects put under financial pressure by the debt crisis in Europe, EU Member States may have to look further afield for help in meeting their 2020 targets. Russia has for decades been one of the main suppliers of fossil fuels to

World’s Largest Offshore Wind Farm Launches

The world’s largest offshore wind farm, London Array, has been officially inaugurated off the British coast. London Array is a joint project of E.ON, the Danish energy company Dong and Masdar, the infrastructure fund of the Kingdom of Abu Dhabi. London Array is located 20km

What Are the Pros and Cons of Offshore Wind Power?

Expert views on offshore wind power varied widely, and experts debated the pros and cons of offshore wind relative to onshore. The positive points cited by experts included less visual impact, less impact on shipping lanes near coastlines, higher wind speeds, bigger projects, no NIMBY

Airborne Wind Turbines Startup Acquired By Google X

Google has now acquired Makani Power, a company that develops autonomous airborne wind turbines. The company was founded by Saul Griffith and Don Montague, a former World Cup windsurfer. The price of the acquisition was not disclosed. The Makani Airborne Wind Turbine is a tethered

Worldwide Wind Power Capacity Now At 282 GW

The World Wind Energy Association has recently launched the World Wind Energy Report 2012. Below you can find some keypoints: The worldwide wind capacity reached 282 GW, out of which 44’609 Megawatt were added in 2012, more than ever before. Wind power showed a growth

Funnel Wind Turbine By SheerWind

SheerWind funner wind turbine is able to generate 600% more energy than conventional turbines. According to Daryoush Allaei, Sheer Wind’s chief technical officer, a utility-scale installation of these wind turbines — that is a 100 to 500 MW power plant — could cost as low