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RidgeBlade Rooftop Wind Turbine – 2012 Update

According to some sources in 2012 the RidgeBlade wind turbine has passed through a major redesign. The turbine is now more efficient, lighter, has lower manufacturing costs. The Power Collective are also developing a version that does not need a pitched roof. Now there are

Gamesa’s G10-4.5 MW Wind Turbine Prototype With A new Output Record for a turbine in Spain

The prototype generated 107.82 MWh on July the 1st 2012 and surpasses the previous record of 104.6 MWh set in March The G10X-4.5 MW wind turbine, installed by Gamesa near Alaiz (Navarra, Spain), on 1 July set a new record for energy output by a

Anhui Sino Silicon Photovoltaic Technology Co., Ltd.

Anhui Sino Si-tech Co., Ltd. is subsidiary company founded in 2010 under Wuxi Sino Si-tech Co., Ltd. Wuxi Sino Si-tech is a high technology company with rich experience, which is focusing on providing the study, producing and sales service of crystalline silicon, monocrystalline silicon rods

Vattenfall Invests SEK 13 Billion In Hydro Energy

Vattenfall will invest SEK 13 billion on modernizing and increasing production in its hydro energy plants until 2023. That means more than one billion SEK per year over the next ten years. As part of the refurbishments, the hydro power plant in Storuman, Umluspen, will

Gamesa’s G10X-4.5 MW Prototype Wind turbine at Alaiz (Navarra) With a New Output Record for a Turbine in Spain

On 11 March, the prototype has generated 104.6 MWh, or 23.24 equivalent hours producing at nominal capacity (96.85% of the day), surpassing the previous record of 98.5 MWh set in January The G10X-4.5 MW wind turbine, installed by Gamesa near Alaiz (Navarra, Spain), on 11

Nordex Installed First N117/2400 Onshore Wind Turbine

Nordex has now passed a major milestone towards the series production of the N117/2400 onshore turbine:  On 16 December 2011, it installed the first version of this model at the “Stadum” citizens’ wind farm in Schleswig-Holstein. With a rotor diameter of 117 metres and a

Windy™ : A Revolutionary Wind Sail for Commercial Buildings By Wind Energy Corporation

  Windy™ is a beautiful WindSail that generates power on-site … and is quiet, bird-friendly, likes turbulent winds, and is eye-catching. It generates electricity on site.  It can be customized to optimally convert the wind resource to electricity and it is safely connected to the