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Battery Development Could Extend Electric Cars Range

It’s known that electric vehicles could travel longer distances before needing to charge and more renewable energy could be saved for a rainy day if lithium-sulfur batteries can just overcome a few technical challenges. Now, a novel design for a critical part of the battery

Electric Cars Infographics

The Battle Of The Electric Cars The Impart Of The Electric Car Electric Vehicles vs. Regular Gasoline Cars

EU To Set Minimum Number Of Electric-car ‘recharging points’ By Country

The EU has pledged a huge expansion of infrastructure for electric vehicles with binding targets to multiply the number of Europe’s charging stations, part of a new strategy to kickstart Europe’s low-carbon automotive industry. “We need targets,” Commission Vice President Siim Kallas told a Brussels

Next Generation Of battery Technology For Electric Vehicles By Arkema and OXIS

Polymer Lithium Sulfur cells battery technology is considered to be the next generation of battery, complementary to Lithium-ion systems. It has the best performance record among all battery technologies to date. Compared to other batteries currently on the market, this technology displays double the energy

Electric Vehicles – 10 Facts You Didn’t Know About

American’s daily round-trip commute is less than 30 miles? With many electric vehicles having a range of more than 70 miles a charge, they are a reliable and comfortable way for Americans to get from point A to point B. For longer trips, a plug-in

Lightning SuperBike – World’s Fastest Electric Motorcycle

A new land speed record for electric motorcycles was set over the weekend with a vehicle from Lightning Motorcycles, the leading pioneer in electric motorsports. The Lightning SuperBike, the world’s fastest electric motorcycle, was powered by a DC Solar Solutions Solar Eclipse mobile power unit

Secretary Chu Announces $100 Million for Advanced Research Projects

  U.S. Secretary of Energy Steven Chu has announced yesterday that a second round of funding opportunities for transformational energy research projects that will be made available through the Department’s Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E). At an event today with Commerce Secretary Gary Locke, Secretary