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US Energy Department Offers $10 Million For Enhanced Geothermal Systems Development

The US Energy Department has recently announced $10 million to improve subsurface characterization for enhanced geothermal systems (EGS) by developing state-of-the-art methods that quantify critical underground reservoir properties as they change over time. New methods to access engineered reservoirs will speed the deployment of this

European Renewable Energy Share Increases To 14.4% In 2012

The Directive 2009/28 states that the Member States should achieve an overall 20% share of renewable energy in gross final energy consumption across Europe. It has set a binding individual target for each country by 2020. EurObserv’ER is monitoring the progress of each Member State

UK’s Biggest Bioethanol Plant Using Praj Technology

Vivergo Fuels Ltd officially opens the UK’s largest bioethanol plant based on Praj technology and design.  Praj is a global process engineering and solutions provider for bioethanol, alcohol & brewery, water & wastewater and process equipment. This greenfield biorefinery operating on UK feed wheat is

The World Invests $244 Billion In Renewable Energy In 2012

For only the second time since 2006, global investments in renewable energy in 2012 failed to top the year before, falling 12% mainly due to dramatically lower solar prices and weakened US and EU markets, says the Frankfurt School – UNEP/BNEF report, Global Trends in

Development Of RES – Important For The Future Of The Global Energy Market

The development of renewable energy sources is crucial for the future of the global energy market, both in emerging and developed countries, says Enel Green Power CEO Francesco Starace ‘We are seeing a constant reduction of costs in renewable energy thanks to technology, which is

Conergy To Install Two Photovoltaic Power Plants In Thailand

Conergy’s success in Thailand continues and in the process underscores its outstanding market position in Southeast Asia’s growth markets. The solution and service provider has secured a major contract for two solar power plants in Thailand through a tendering procedure, representing a total capacity of

Renewable Energy Targets Beyond 2020 Required In EU According To Greenpeace Report

The European Union is on the right track for its 2020 renewables targets but will not receive real returns on investment until after that period, says a new Greenpeace EU report. The Greenpeace report says Europe needs to carry on taking the lead in establishing